Monday, August 24, 2015

Good morning, friends. Hope you all had a great weekend and that you’re geared up for the week. I went to see the Cyndi Lauper produced show Kinky Boots on Saturday, and you know what? It was awesome. The music was great, the cast was super talented, and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Also, I thought the lead was beyond adorable. Steven Booth, call me. 

I also spent some time yesterday trying to build a website, but you know what? That is harder than I thought. I did, however, purchase a webhost (thanks, Squarespace), so it should be up and running fairly soon. If any of you have tips on web design, feel free to send them to me, because I have no idea what I’m doing. 

Okay, on to the news. If any of you watched the Sunday morning political shows, you know that there were two major topics of conversation over the weekend: 1) will Joe Biden run; and 2) does Donald Trump really have staying power? We’ve already covered these topics to some extent, but it bears repeating. It will be hilarious if Biden runs, but I think it’s unlikely that he poses a serious challenge to Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. Hillary Clinton has spent her entire life preparing for this run, and she’s had the support of the party for at least the last four years. She’s not going to let something small like a felony with potential global security implications hold her back. And the truth is, her supporters have put too much into this to jump ship now. In some ways, I wonder if Secretary Clinton is deliberately being cagey about these emails because it keeps her in the news. Otherwise, the focus would be entirely on the Republicans, and I’m not sure that benefits her brand very much. But, it seems like a backward strategy, at best. As for her prime competition, Biden, he had a “secret” meeting with Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren this weekend, a favorite of the progressives. It’s unclear what the purpose of the meeting was, except that it was private, so naturally it was reported by every news outlet in the western world. A Biden-Warren ticket is my absolute worst nightmare in politics. While I have tremendous respect for both of them, and I would definitely watch if we were talking about a reality show, I just can’t stomach the idea of those two running the country. I feel like I should just hand over my entire paycheck now and get on with it. 

Regarding Trump, the frightening consensus this weekend seemed to be that he might not actually be going anywhere anytime soon. While the experts didn’t think he would be the ultimate nominee, it sounds like he might go farther than I’d hoped. And, I have to admit something: I watched his interview with George Stephanopoulos yesterday, and he actually made sense on some economic issues. It scared me so much that I immediately went to the gym. TO THE GYM. Anyone who knows me knows that I only go to the gym when I am under extreme duress and need to clear my mind. Clearly it only sort of worked, as I’m still writing about it this morning. The mere thought of Trump coming across as reasonable makes me shudder. 

Alright, now I want to talk about something serious: the boy band One Direction is rumored to be “taking a break” and reportedly will not tour their fifth studio album, due out in March. Following the abrupt departure of band member Zayn Malik in March 2015, the band has struggled to find its footing. Malik, for his part, seems to hate everyone and has enjoyed knocking his former bandmates on social media. It’s not clear how anyone will survive the 1D split, but we’ll all have to find ways to soldier on. For those of you that are secretly crying into your coffee (I’m looking at you, Sammy), fear not, 1D says that they will probably get back together sometime in the future. I guess they’re not taking the Taylor Swift oath that some bands take: “We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together.” 

Have a great day, friends! xoxo

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